Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sales Targets

Sales Objectives

Be very clear on your sales objectives to the sales  team and when they are to be achieved. A sales objective is the basis of a sales plan. Sale management must have a plan in order to get the most personal achievement and production out of each of its sales members.

  • Very clearly identify the sales territory – usually a market segment and a geographical area
  • Identify the sales target in terms of time and money and other factors – bit keep it simple & clear
  • Don't forget to clarify what constitutes a 'sale'
  • Assign the territory and target to the salesperson – and confirm in a Sales Agreement signed by both parties’ salesperson and the sales manager
  • Clearly identify the review mechanism – including reporting and management review arrangements
  • Spell out when reviews will be carried out and when you want reports – don’t make it to frequent and don’t leave the reviews too far apart. Weekly and monthly is sufficient.
  • Whether or not you get a report send them a review in writing – at the high level you should simply say what the target is and what has been achieved against the target
  • Hold short sales meetings to review the overall progress.
  • Carry out prospect reviews to help the sales person – this can be done individually